Summer 2018 – June 3rd – July 29th

Looking for a way to get connected with others and truly be a BELIEVING, BELONGING, COMMITTED part of Broadway? Connect Groups are back! Here is a list of some of the groups we are having this year.

Volleyball: Led by Kelsey Prose
This will be for people 13 years and older who want to play competitive volleyball. We will play indoor volleyball, if you are interested in sweating a little and getting to know one another over a game of volleyball make sure you sign up. We will meet at 7:00 pm on Sunday nights in the Sanctuary.

Student Bible Study: Led by John Prose
We will be continuing our study from this spring and discussing current topics and how they impact our faith.

Insanity Workout Connect Group: Katie Holt
Insanity workout group is coming back. That’s right you can work out and be held accountable by an awesome group! There is never a bad time to start working out and
taking care of the temple God has given you. Please bring your own light weights. Thank you! Meets at 6 p.m. on Sunday nights in the Sanctuary.

Tennis: Led by John Camp and Rodney Land
We will be playing at the Rainsville City park Saturday Mornings at 7:30 am. We will be playing singles doubles or just enjoying being together outside. Sign up and let us know you would like to be apart of this group.

Cooking: Led by Daniel York
Food prep, meal ideas or just getting together to enjoy cooking and tasting what we have cooked! We will pick a date and a time and let you know but make sure you sign up today.

Running Connect Group: Sarah Parker & Vanessa Berry and Leah Barnett
Needing some extra motivation to get up and get moving to get in better shape? Nothing makes exercise and running more enjoyable than running with a group, to help keep you committed and keep you moving. The Running Group will meet on Wednesdays at 6 pm at the Church. This group is open to both men and women. The nursery will be available for those who would like to attend this group.

Making pickles and vegetable preservation:  Gazell Parker
Maybe you canned with your grandma, or maybe you never got to experience that joy. This group is all about making memories that will last as long as the food you preserve. This group will meet on Tuesdays starting June lih at 4 pm in the New Fellowship Hall kitchen. Sign up today so we can contact you with more info.

We will be having our Golf Connect Group meeting as long as the weather stays nice. Please make sure your name is on our sign-up sheet so that we can text or call you with the location and time each week for where we be connecting over a game of Golf and our love for God.