Back to Church Plan

Sunday May 24, 2020 we will begin the process of reopening for Worship Services. While we are excited about this we also want to be very cautious in this process for the safety of those we love. We have some guidelines we would like for those who choose to come to church to observe as we gather.

Most of these guidelines are suggested by the Alabama Department of Public Health and were discussed and formulated by the BBC Deacons and Pastor Kevin on Sunday May 17, 2020.

  • Sunday May 24, 2020 we will reopen for Worship at 8:45 Traditional Service and 11:00 Contemporary Service.
  • Each service will have a Welcome, Opening Song, Sermon, Closing Song and announcements.
  • Restrooms will be sanitized and available but since each attendee will only be on-campus at one of the two services (Our goal is less than 50 minutes), please try to take care of bathroom needs before coming.
  • We will not have Sunday School
  • We will not have Nursery or Children’s Church on Campus (Children’s Church is still available at 9:30 am on Facebook and YouTube).
  • We will have no bulletins
  • We will not pass an offering plate, however drop boxes will be available at doors for those who do not give online.
  • Alternate rows between attendees (every other row left empty).
  • Rows will be COLOR CODED and marked for each service.
  • Please keep at least THREE EMPY SEATS (or 6 feet) of separation between parties (Families) in any row.
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear masks and gloves.
  • Doors will be propped open for entering and exiting the building.
  • People 65 and older or others especially at risk are strongly encouraged to watch or participate in the service remotely.
  • The 8:45 service will be available on YouTube, Facebook, WVSM radio, and on the churches website at 11:00 am.
  • After the service, attendees will be directed to leave in an orderly fashion in order to not “bottleneck” at exits. Please exit when instructed and do not congregate and socialize inside the building.

We appreciate each one of you for the effort you are making to keep yourself and others safe during this time!

A Letter from Holly Jo

Dear Church Family,
This Sunday will be my first Sunday back in the sanctuary. You all have been so gracious to allow me to work from home for the last four weeks. I want to say a huge “Thank you!” to Laura Ellis, David Holt, and Kayla Fortner for leading the songs during our traditional and contemporary services during those weeks.

I will be very honest here: I’m a bit scared to start back. I’m also extremely excited to be back with you all, but it’s scary to be out of our safe home bubble.

I know some seem to not be very concerned with the Covid19 virus. Alex and I have often wondered how we’d feel and act during all of this if the pandemic had happened before we had our Madelyn and Derek. I think we’d have been cautious by hand washing/using hand sanitizer more and by keeping more distance from others than usual, but I wonder if we would have worn masks. Alex and I have no health problems that we’re aware of, so I don’t think we would have been overly concerned for ourselves. But we are different people now since having our kids. We don’t have the luxury to be able to think that this all is being made into a bigger deal than it really is or have the attitude of “if we get it, we get it.” Madelyn and Derek both have a terminal, chronic lung disease. Our choices as their parents affect their health. Because we love them, we have to alter our normal, natural behavior and habits a lot of the time for their safety.

We love you all. We know and can feel that you love us too. If you do not wear a mask to church, we are asking you to please think/pray about altering your normal, natural behavior for a little while for our Madelyn and Derek. Your choices can affect their health.

I will be wearing a mask at all times except when I’m singing on mic. But that’s not enough to keep me from bringing home the virus to our kids. It has been documented that when someone who unknowingly has Covid19 wears a mask, the possibility of spreading the virus goes down dramatically. Please remember that you can have Covid19 and not experience any symptoms for up to 14 days. You are still contagious during those 14 days. Also, some people experience very mild symptoms so they don’t believe that they have Covid19 when they actually do have the virus.

Now, if I see you at church and you’re not wearing a mask, will I look daggers at you? Absolutely not! But I do ask for you to please keep 6 feet of distance between us. I’ll need to stay 6 feet away from everyone – band and AVL team included. Now you all know I’m a hugger, so if you see me accidentally coming towards you or someone with my arms stretched out – STOP ME! 😉

I’ve heard some ask, “Why 6 feet?” When someone speaks, sings, sneezes, or coughs, the invisible particles from their mouth travel up to 6 feet before falling to the floor.

I can’t wait to see you all this Sunday; I’ve missed you so much! Thank you for being our amazing church family.
– Holly Jo

Quarantine Assistance

There are many unknowns for so many of us during the current events. We would like to offer Quarantine Assistance to any who are quarantining themselves Dekalb County. If you are at a high risk and feel like you can not or should not go to the store to get groceries or medications please contact our office 256.638.4219 so we can make arrangements to work out the details and deliver these necessities to you in a safe manner. We care about each of you!