We are planning two mission trip opportunities this year as a church. We will be taking a group to Arizona June 1 – June 10. While we are there we will be working with Christ Community Church, the Southern Baptist Church we worked with last year on the Hickiwan Indian Reservation. We will need individuals with medium level experience in electrical, plumbing and construction in order to finish bathrooms in a mission center. Also, we will need individuals who are willing to do light construction and some people with agricultural experience in order to help build some planter beds. We will also be doing Bible Club / VB so we will need folks willing to do crafts, recreation, snacks and bible study. Please be praying if God would like for you to take part in sharing His love with these precious people.

Also in 2017, we are looking to take a group to Mexico with Praying Pelican Missions. We will be working on the Gulf Coast with a fishing village, ministering to the fisherman and their families. This trip will be October 26th – November 5th. This will be a great opportunity to get out of the country and show these fishermen how close they are to the heart of Christ.