As Bro. Kevin admonished us a couple of weeks ago in his sermon, Broadway should be in the business of mission work here in our own streets of Rainsville. Would you pray for God to put a desire for missions in your heart? We have a fantastic opportunity to go into missions here at home.

Do you know someone who might need a hot supper delivered on Wednesday night? In some cases take two plates, which would give you opportunity to sit down, share a meal together and fellowship with them. All the while, you are fulfilling a service of missions going in God’s love. Keep in mind there are people in our communities who are alone and lonely, or unable to get out and perhaps hungry. God’s Word tell us that the simple gesture of simply giving a cup of water in Jesus’ name is the same as ministering to Jesus himself. Wait on God as He speaks to your heart people who are needing ministry. There will be no charges for these meals. Contact Gazell Parker or email